NeverTooMuchGlitter is your source for handmade designer press-on nails. Each nail is handmade in the USA of cruelty-free vegan products. NTMG nails are made entirely with 100% cruelty-free products (right down to the brushes, which are synthetic fiber to ensure not a single critter is harmed in the name of beautiful nails!)  NTMG was born in Tokyo in 2009 and has been making the world sparkle-nail by nail- ever since!

If you prefer to shop on Etsy, you can find the shop here. However, all the latest designs will be found here, on NeverTooMuchGlitter.com.


I hope you will find my nail art quite unique- you'll find something beyond the usual hearts and flowers here. My work is regularly featured in print and online, including the LA Times, Huffington Post, BUST Magazine, Women's Day, Bridal Guide, Nail Max, Seventeen, Time Out NY and many others!