Re-Usable Water Based Adhesive

Re-Usable Water Based Adhesive

This is a great product that I've never seen outside of Japan! It's a very easy to use, brush-on nail glue that is great for applying nails for one day only, or for a special event. Best of all, the nails can be re-used after they've been applied with this glue.

This product is also a useful supply for foiling, great for DIY nail art, and even paper crafting! Limited number available, limit three per customer please.

Water-soluable and gentle, will not damage natural nails. No chemical odor. One bottle will do approximately 35-40 full manicures.

To use: Apply glue to clean, dry natural nails and to the back of the artificial nails to be applied. The glue goes on white and will turn perfectly clear when it dries in 10-15 minutes. When it turns clear on the natural nail and on the artificial nail, simply press on the artificial nails and you're done!

To remove, soak hands in warm water for a few minutes. If any glue residue remains, it can be removed with cuticle oil or nail polish remover.