Edgar Allan Poe Nails

Edgar Allan Poe Nails

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As featured in the LA Times! Edgar Allan Poe, master of dark prose + press on nails, together at last! Perfect for Poe fans, Halloween, or just because you like macabre and unusual things. 

These press on nails feature Poe-related items, such as a raven, clock at midnight, a heart, and a blue eye (Telltale Heart), Lenore's tombstone with a 3-D stone rose, the catacombs from the Cask of Amontillado, a brick wall (Poe's favorite device to stop people who irritated him, I suspect!), a single rose like the one placed on his grave every year by a mysterious visitor, and of course a tiny Poe portrait!

20 nails in the set, 10 art nails and 10 plain color so you can mix and match. Choose stiletto, coffin, oval/almond, or square (shown) base nails for a truly custom set. Nail measurements will be required to ensure the best fit. Please allow 2 weeks for completion after your nail measurements are confirmed.

You can measure your nails yourself, or purchase a sample set if you don't feel confident measuring. Sample sets are available here.

These nails may be reused many times if worn and stored carefully. Perfect for photoshoots, cosplay, or whenever you need a set of show-stopping nails. They can be applied with nail tabs or traditional nail glue. For reusable wear, use adhesive tabs. If nail glue is used, the nails may be worn for up to a week but safe removal process (acetone soak-off) will destroy the press-on nails.