Kicking Off The Holiday Season 2022!

We're ready to kick off the season of all things sparkly here at NeverTooMuchGlitter, so  we're putting all our seasonal nails on sale from 11/23-11/28 to give everyone a chance to get a head start on their holiday manicures. Stay tuned for additonal coupon codes and special offers through December!

All About Adhesives

Looking to buy some adhesives for your nails?  We have them in stock here

We currently offer two types of nail adhesives, nail glue and sticky tabs. Repeating Glue is currently sold out, sorry!

Feel free to add glue or sticky tabs to your order as individual items, or choose the All-in-One Kit for everything all in one convenient pouch. Fix your nails at home or on the go. 


Happy Spring!

Spring is in the air! Though this year things have been...different to say the least, I'm so glad the winter's over. Here in NYC, April sometimes has some tricks up her sleeve as far as one last snowstorm, but I feel pretty confident saying I can put away my winter coat. 

Stocking The Shop

Hello all, thanks for your patience as we're slowly but surely adding items to our shop. We're starting with our exclusive products, since that's what we're most excited about. You won't find these nails anywhere else!

NTMG is dedicated to fitting nails of all shapes and sizes! If you've had trouble getting nails that fit, we'll do our very best to help. As one of the pioneers in designer press-on nails, we've fit thousands of clients from drag queens to pageant princesses since 2009. 

Welcome to NeverTooMuchGlitter!

Welcome to the sparkly world of NeverTooMuchGlitter Nail Art! Fake nails, false nails, press-on nails- whatever you call them, you'll find a variety of handmade nail enhancements for fabulous fingertips. Whether you're into cosplay, kawaii Japanese 3D nail art or fierce gothic nail art, it's all here!

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