Petite Active Nails

Petite Active Nails


This is the product that started it all in 2009! I didn't like the damage and expense of getting extensions at the salon and had to file drugstore nails endlessly to get them to fit right, so I started working with nail experts to create the perfect active length nail- a short press on nail for petite sizes. 

These nail are made in Japan and exclusive to NeverTooMuchGlitter- you will not find these nails anywhere else. Most of my XS-S size clients tell me these are the best nails they have ever tried. If you find drugstore nails are too large or long, give these a try. Super thin and natural looking.

***These nails are suitable for extra small to small nail beds under 15mm wide only. ** There are 11 sizes for a total of 22 nails in this set. These press on nails WILL crack if forced onto nail beds wider than 15mm. A vertical crack means the press on nails are too narrow for the nail bed. Please check the size chart against your nail beds before ordering.

To apply, just press over nail bed after glue/tape has been applied, press firmly, and twist. The nail will release easily. File off any jagged edge with included file. Make sure to choose a nail which is the right size- applying a nail that is too small may cause the artificial nail to crack. If in doubt, use the next size up. Clear topcoat may be applied if desired.