Red Gothic Baroque Nails

Red Gothic Baroque Nails

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A fascinatingly dark set of Japanese nail art! These are a beautiful set of gothic-inspired nails that are simply elegant. The base is metallic red with black geometric detailing on a short, extra small nail base. Classy and classical, these nails would be great for vampires, Halloween, goths or any kind of dark cosplay. High-gloss finish. 

These nails are suitable only for extra small to small nail beds. Your nail beds must be 15mm wide or narrower for this set to fit. Any wider, and the press on nails WILL crack. Contact me before purchase if you have any questions about sizing. 

If the nails are applied with double sided nail tabs, the nails can be used again. If acrylic nail glue is used (cyanoacrylate glue), the nails may be worn for up to a week. Adhesive is not included but you can add during checkout. 

To apply, just press over nail bed after glue/tape has been applied, press firmly, and twist. The nail will release easily. File off any jagged edge with a file. Make sure to choose a nail which is the right size- applying a nail that is too small may cause the artificial nail to crack. If in doubt, use the next size up.