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Changing Seasons

As August ends and we head into fall, we're gearing up for our favorite holiday here: Halloween! We are accepting custom orders for Halloween 2021 through September and into October, depending on order volume. Need a wonderful finishing touch to your costume? Custom Halloween nails are the perfect statement piece, whether you're handing out candy, digging up graves, or hosting a spooky soiree. 

SUMMER SALE is now going on! As we make way for the new season's nails, we've put some tried-and-true favorites on sale here! Quantities are limited, so shop early. 

Welcome to NeverTooMuchGlitter!

Welcome to the sparkly world of NeverTooMuchGlitter Nail Art! Fake nails, false nails, press-on nails- whatever you call them, you'll find a variety of handmade nail enhancements for fabulous fingertips. Whether you're into cosplay, kawaii Japanese 3D nail art or fierce gothic nail art, it's all here!