Stocking The Shop

Hello all, thanks for your patience as we're slowly but surely adding items to our shop. We're starting with our exclusive products, since that's what we're most excited about. You won't find these nails anywhere else!

NTMG is dedicated to fitting nails of all shapes and sizes! If you've had trouble getting nails that fit, we'll do our very best to help. As one of the pioneers in designer press-on nails, we've fit thousands of clients from drag queens to pageant princesses since 2009. 

Our first exclusive item is Queen Sized Large Oval/Almond nails. Designed for larger sizes, these nails feature a 2CM (20mm) wide nail to accomodate folks who may not be able to fit standard press-on nails. If you've been frustrated by other nails running too small, give these a try.  Or, try a sizing sample set to check the fit before committing. 

Our second exclusive item is the Petite Active nail, designed in Japan for smaller nail beds. . This was the product that started it all over a decade ago! If you find drugstore nails are too long or large, give these a try  Your largest nail must be 15mm wide or narrower for this set to fit properly. Thin (yet strong) and very natural looking. 



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